Kazakhstan, a Central Asian country and former Soviet republic, reaches out from the Caspian Sea withinside the west to the Altai Mountains at its japanese outskirt with China and Russia. Its largest city, Almaty, is a long-status replacing middle factor whose anciental factors contain Ascension Cathedral, a tsarist-duration Russian Orthodox church, and the Central State Museum of Kazakhstan, displaying a big wide variety of Kazakh antiquities. Kazakhstan is authoritatively a fair, mainstream, unitary, covered republic with a differing social legacy. Kazakhstan imparts outskirts to Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan.

The panorama of Kazakhstan includes flatlands, steppe, taiga, shake ravines, slopes, deltas, snow-crowned mountains, and deserts. Kazakhstan has an predicted 18 million people beginning at 2014. Given its massive land territory, its population thickness is the various maximum reduced, at below 6 people for each rectangular kilometer (15 people for every sq mi). The capital is Astana, in which it turned into moved in 1997 from Almaty, the nation`s largest city. It stocks peripheries of 6,846 kilometers (4,254 mi) with Russia, 2,203 kilometers (1,369 mi) with Uzbekistan, 1,533 kilometers (953 mi) with China, 1,051 kilometers (653 mi) with Kyrgyzstan, and 379 kilometers (235 mi) with Turkmenistan. Real city regions include Astana, Almaty, Karagandy, Shymkent, Atyrau, and Oskemen. While observed basically in Asia, a bit section of Kazakhstan is also observed west of the Urals in Eastern Europe.


MBBS in Kazakhstan may be a big alleviation to the scholars wishing to choose MBBS in Abroad, however are scared to do this because of excessive training fees. Kazakhstan gives clinical training in truthful and low-priced costs which can be affordable for college kids of all international locations withinside the world. The clinical universities in Kazakhstan provide excellent medical exercise to the scholars simply to make certain they take precise realistic publicity earlier than they head out to exercise their profession. The college and team of workers withinside the universities could be very experienced. The quantity of affiliated hospitals is likewise pretty large.

There are numerous centers furnished withinside the identified clinical universities of Kazakhstan. The MCI authorised universities of Kazakhstan homes college students from all corners of the world. In totality, MBBS in Kazakhstan may be an splendid alternative for the scholars inclined to turn out to be notable medical doctors of tomorrow.


MBBS in Kazakhstan is for the scholars inclined to end up precise docs however in lower priced costs. It isn't feasible for each scholar to endure the excessive donation or lessons price costs withinside the Indian non-public clinical colleges. So MBBS in Kazakhstan may be a totally smart choice to make. Students can avail the centers which the clinical universities in Kazakhstan provide and that too in lower priced costs. The universities are properly ready with all present day services and now have a terrific infrastructure and campus. Hostel and Food facility is likewise to be had for the scholars coming from all corners of the world. The schooling device in Kazakhstan and in particular the clinical universities entice many foreigner college students each year. The byskip outs from the clinical universities of Kazakhstan can paintings globally relying upon their desire and availability of opportunities.

Features for MBBS in Kazakhstan

  • Direct Admissions

  • Admission in top government universities

  • MCI approved medical colleges

  • English as the medium of instruction

  • No donation/Capitation fee

  • 100 % Visa Guarantee

Top Universities of Kazakhstan

Benefit of doing MBBS from Kazakhstan

  1. The top colleges of Kazakhstan are recognised by (NMC, WHO & UNESCO).

  2. Kazakhstan has well organized system of training and education.

  3. To study in Kazakhstan Indian Students is authorized worldwide.

  4. Various opportunities are available for the students to get selected in International Medical courses, projects and programs.

  5. They have the proper system of Live Training sessions.

Eligibility for Indian Students For doing MBBS in Kazakhstan

  1. The pupil should have received at least 50% marks in PCB (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) for general category & 40% for SC/ST and OBC according to NMC rule.

  2. The Students must be above 17 year.

  3. No entrance exam is needed for admission.

  4. No higher age are restricted to study in Kazakhstan.

MBBS Admission Process for Indian Students studying in Kazakhstan

Here is an outline of the admission procedure accompanied in Kazakhstan:

  1. Student have to fill the application form with all the appropriate points of interest.

  2. After college’s acceptance, you’ll get the admission letter from the university you have applied in.

  3. After admission letter, pupil has to submit his passport to Delhi Office.

  4. Then, we can follow the procedure of student’s visa in the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Delhi. Embassy might call the pupil for an interview.

  5. Once the visa is stamped we will notify the student for the travelling date to the university.

  6. Once the student reaches Kazakhstan, the college officials will come to receive you.

  7. Student may be accommodated to the college hostel.

  8. Student pays the total pay for the tuition fee to the appropriate department and then can join the university the applied for.

To study in Kazakhstan what all documents are needed for MBBS admission

Below are the major points of files that are required to study MBBS in Kazakhstan:

  • Photocopy of Passport

  • 5 passport size photos

  • Birth certificates

  • 10th and 12th mark sheets

  • Clearance Certificate of Police

  • (PCC, Obtained after Receiving Passport)

  • Bank Statement

  • Last corona test file

Is Kazakhstan MBBS Degree Valid in India?

This is the maximum not unusualplace query requested among all the college students and parents. Yes, the MBBS diploma completed from an NMC accepted the clinical college of Kazakhstan is legitimate in India. Students need to apprehend the statistics approximately the clinical college they`re reading if it's miles accepted with the aid of using the Medical Council of India.

Education System in Kazakhstan

The training system for MBBS education in Kazakhstan is followed by :

  • The each year course is divided into semesters pattern.

  • They conduct 2 semesters in 1year.

  • In first 5 year they conduct lectures along with the practical’s and the last year i.e. the 6th year they provide them with 1year internship.

  • The training of Medical course starts from the third year.

How Safe Kazakhstan is for Indian Students ?

Know why Kazakhstan is one of the most secure international locations for Indian Students :

  • In a survey that changed into finished via the Kazakhstan authorities – India ranked among the pinnacle 50 global places sending a massive range of college students to Kazakhstan.

  • Тhе Іndіаn studеnts whо are currently pursuing МВВЅ path іn Kazakhstan аrе рrоvіdеd with the best sufficient sесurіtу аnd with the right sаfеtу via way of means of the Kazakhstan govermenet.